British Airways Cabin Crew 4 day strike

The second of two strikes by British Airways Cabin Crew is due to happen on the 27,28,29 and 30 March.

British Airways have posted their strike information – please check your flight.

Having stuggled through the first 3 day strike, which is reported to cost BA over £7 million a day, British Airways were able to re-instate flights previously cancelled thanks to the number of staff who were showing for work.

Over half of the cabin crew rostered to work at Heathrow over the 3 day period did show for work, while over 95% of those due to work at Gatwick. London City flights will be unaffected as are all long haul flights from London Gatwick.

While your flight may operate, the in-flight service offered may be different depending on the staff – thought feedback from the public has been positive, saying that the service has been still very good.

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