Live radar and pics of Heathrow Arrivals

Boeing 777 landing at Heathrow
BA Boeing 777 landing at Heathrow, captured by

I’ve just come across a wonderful site called ‘Heathrow Cam

The site uses a ADS-B receiver and a fixed, motion sensitive camera to capture an image and details of incoming flights. (ADS-B is not ‘radar’ but it’s a transponder radio which received information broadcast by commercial airlines relating to thier position in space)

Not a plane
Clearly it's not always 100% accurate, describing this bird as an Emirates Boeing 777

Live Radar Image

London Live Radar Image
Screenshot of the radar screen

Also very exciting is their live radar image which shows all London area traffic in radar-like display. This wonderful radar like resource updates every minute showing aircraft id, type, altitude, speed, departure and destination airport codes. Great fun to use.

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