Aircraft Tracking tools

Thanks to modern transponders, and the wonders of the internet, there are now a load of great tools for tracking flights.
I’ve already mentioned the live heathrow radar and the clever heathrow arrivals photos available at HeathrowCam – but I thought I would summarise those and the other great tools available.

Track planes on iPad or iPhone.

Heathrow specific tracking


100 last arrivals to heathrow. – This page is dynamic showing info on the last 100 flights to approach Heathrow Airport.

Flightaware, Heathrow. – The Heathrow page at FlightAware, a very good tracking site.

Heathrow arrival photos. – This site captures images of aircraft landing at Heathrow (during the day, if approaching from the East onto Runway 27L or 27R)

Global flight tracking

Live air traffic Radar. – My most recent discovery, shows a huge amount of flight, with a great search filters. Works for UK and lots of Europe and also quite a bit of the USA.

Casper flight tracking – Is an incredible site offering live flight tracking (15 min delay without paid subscription) but also features a ‘replay’ feature, meaning you can go back and track a flight at up to 100x speed.

OpenATC. –  Very good tracking site gathering data from a global network ADS-B receiver stations. Search for flights happening now and flights passed, also you can view air traffic in Google Earth!

Flight, aircraft and crash data

Flight24 – Is a great database of aircraft, and uses live data to update with which aicraft are operating which flight currently.

libhomeradar – is another great resource for aicraft data including flight information.

JACDEC – ‘Jet Airliner rash Data Evaluation Centre’ is a useful site that lists up to date information about aicraft accidents, with an extensive history going back.

Live Radar

We have live radar pages for: