Volcano air travel nightmare, a preliminary summary.

Excuse the lack of news – though there is not much to say. The icelandic volcano is causing havoc for European air traffic. I’m stuck in New York City, with no hope of getting back to Heathrow for a good week.
There is not much I can tell you, but…
Travel Insurance
While the underwriters decide their stance, here are some basics…
Most will try not to cover this, as flights are the issue and there is a rule that airlines take responsibility… this however depends on your policy. If you have flight delay cover, then swiftcover, insure and go, may pay out (check with your insurer as notification may help your claims.)

Airlines can avoid the requirement to pay compensation as weather excuses them of liability. I can confirm though that airlines are being helpful. My situation is that I’m rebooked on a flight 9 days from now and have a limited per night hotel budget I can claim, as well as food costs. Keep receipts and speak to your airline ASAP.

Remember that when flights go again they may have space available so that you can move your rebooked seat forward a few days – this is my hope anyway.

My tips to all those trapped away from home….
Call airline to secure flights and accommodation, notify insurance, kennels, work, etc… then try and enjoy the extended vacation!

For those on hold with airlines – write down what you want to ask, as after 2 hours of waiting your brain will be fried.

Search on Twitter for others in your boat, and post your experiences for others.

Hold on in there!