Southern Runway Re-surfacing to affect airport noise

Heathrow’s southern runway (09R – 27L) is due for re-surfacing which will affect night activity between 3rd March and 31st October 2013. To create minimum disruption, this re-surfacing work will happen at night in short segments. The runway, consisting of partially re-surfaced and partially old surface material, will be usable during the day. The runway will however be closed at night.

The partial closure will run from 3rd March to 31st October 2013, and mainly between 10.30pm and 6am. The effect of this closure will be:

  • Homes in the flight path of the southern runway will experience less instanced of aircraft noise during closures.
  • Homes in the flight path of the Northern runway will experience more instances of aircraft noise during closures.
  • These changes only affect Sunday night – Thursday night flights.
  • Friday and Saturday night, flights will use both runways as normal.