Flight training show at Heathrow Terminal 5

If like myself you are into aviation, then you  no doubt really, really want to fly a plane, or pay a painful hourly rate to do so.

The most frustrating thing is, there are hundred of very lucky people out there who get paid to fly! How they could ever wake up unhappy I have no idea? What job could be better.

If you would be interested in a career in aviation then I would suggest popping down to the Flyer magazine professional flight training exhibition – situated in the softitel hotel, which is attached to the lovely new Heathrow Terminal 5.

Tickets are £8.50 per adult, and at the show you will be able to meet like-minded aviation geeks, professional pilots, training school graduates, and potential employers. You will also see presentation/speeches from those in the industry, and (if it’s anything like last year’s event) you will be able to take an aptitude test, courtesy of GAPAN (the guild of air pilots and navigators).

For more information visit the Flyer site.

I would also suggest you look at GAPAN as they are a very good source of un-biased information on flight training, and offer some wonderful scholarships!