Live air traffic radar on iPad and iPhone

Many of you are enjoying using the live radar on the site, so I wanted to introduce you to the fantastic portable version.

Planefinder for iPhone and iPad is a gorgeous app allowing you to pan around the world, using your fingers, and then see the live positions of commercial aircraft in that area.

It will locate you and zoom in, allowing you to see what planes are flying nearest to you, so next time you look into the sky and wonder where an airplane is going, you need wonder no more!

The interface is very simple and intuitive, click on an aircraft and you can see the call-sign, registration, flight number, port of departure and destination, current speed, heading, and altitude.

It’s a very good accompaniment to using a scanner, as it will help you visualise aircraft positions and it also shows your aircraft on the ground!

Check it out!

Get it for iPad

Get it for iPhone