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October 17, 2018, 8:09 am
Mostly cloudy
current pressure: 1020 mb
humidity: 87%
wind speed: 4 kts SW
wind gusts: 4 kts
sunrise: 7:29 am
sunset: 6:05 pm

Heathrow Live Radar Updated – with volcanic ash tracking

Heathrow plane and ash tracking

We’ve now updates the Heathrow Live Radar page with a new provider – offering a slicker interface and also including volcanic ash tracking.

View the live flight tracking page.

UK Ash Forecast for Friday 27th – All Clear

The latest ash cloud forecast shows that the red ‘danger’ level of high intensity ash has nearly dispersed and should not cause any more disruption to the UK airports.

It was thought that a westerly wind coming tomorrow could have driven ash to the southern UK and northern France, however the Icelandic Volcano has ceased […]

Latest Ash Cloud Forecast Puts UK in the Clear

Ash cloud forecast for 6am 25th May 2011

The latest image from the Met Office shows the red ‘danger’ area of intense ash as having cleared UK airspace for 6am tomorrow – 25th May, with the rest of the intense cloud well clear for the immediate future.


Ash cloud forecast for Midday 24th May – BA cancels Scotland Flights

Ash Forecast 12:00 12th May

The latest forecast from the Met Office[1] shows that a dense cloud of Volcanic ash will reach across Scotland and towards Scandinavia.

If the volcanic eruption continues at it’s current intensity up to midday on Wednesday, an incoming area of low pressure could cause the ash to blow down […]

May 2011 Ash Cloud Cancellations Begin

The first, of what may be a wave of flight cancellations has begun in anticipation of the forecast that Scotland will be under the ash tomorrow morning.

Scotland’s Logan Air, based at Glasgow, has cancelled flights due to depart between 6am and 1pm on 24th May – adding additional services tonight to facilitate travellers.

At […]

New Icelandic Eruption threatening European Air Travel

Volcanic ash forecast over Scotland – Met Office

According to forecasts by the VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre) – Scotland will be under a vast Volcanic Ash Cloud by 6am tomorrow morning.

The volcanic ash may disrupt flights to and from Scotland, while Iceland’s airports are still shut.

Update – 19:00 May 23rd.

Cancellations […]

Heathrow to shut due to ash cloud at 1am May 17th

Heathrow, and Gatwick will be closing at 1am BST on May 17th as the icelandic volcanoes ash cloud slowly moves south over the UK. The high pressure forecast over the first part of this week may mean clear weather but a lingering ash cloud. The no-fly restriction will stand until at least 7am.

For specific […]

New, dense ash cloud posing risk

There are new closures coming in northern UK due to a dense ash cloud moving south.

Flights to affected areas will be cancelled. Right now the ash can be avoided however keep watching as over the next day or so there is a chance of further disruption. Current forecasts indicate that Heathrow will not be […]

Flight now allowed into heathrow…

The UK CAA have approved flight through volcanic ash over the UK. stranded aircraft are now returning to the UK, and ‘normal’ (disrupted) flights at all UK airports will now resume.

We’ve seen several flights come into heathrow… recent arrivals.

The ash has not cleared, but safety experts believe safe flight can be achieved.

More […]

Airspace open OVER London

News is improving. Airspace above Heathrow is opening up, allowing flights to Europe that pass over the UK.

The situation for Heathrow flights still unfortunately is bad. Between the surface and several thousand feet, there is still ash – meaning that flights can fly over Heathrow, but can’t descend to land, and can’t take off.

Volcano air travel nightmare, a preliminary summary.

Excuse the lack of news – though there is not much to say. The icelandic volcano is causing havoc for European air traffic. I’m stuck in New York City, with no hope of getting back to Heathrow for a good week. There is not much I can tell you, but… Travel Insurance While the underwriters […]

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