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April 24, 2018, 3:20 pm
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New Runway – Reactions

Happy! This guy reckons we all deserve a new runway!

#Heathrow finally given the go ahead. Now allow #Gatwick to expand also! Increase competition and put Britain on the global stage

— Tom Roche (@TPRochie) October 25, 2016

Not Happy


NEW from us: 10 reasons a 3rd runway at […]

Heathrow arrival time lapse – sunset landing video

Great video here – time lapse of the sun setting as aircraft approach London Heathrow airport.

Heathrow Live Radar Updated – with volcanic ash tracking

Heathrow plane and ash tracking

We’ve now updates the Heathrow Live Radar page with a new provider – offering a slicker interface and also including volcanic ash tracking.

View the live flight tracking page.

ATC recording of BA 38 777 crash at Heathrow

This view shows events as recorded by ground radar at Heathrow Airport, which records the position of aircraft and vehicles on the ground at Heathrow.

More information about this crash can be found, a great starting point is wikipedia.


The law regarding listening to UK air traffic.

It can be fairly confusing knowing if you’re allowed to listen to ATC/Aircraft communications. Equipment and information is freely available, and there are websites which stream ATC communications – here is some clarification about the UK law.

Is it legal to own a scanner? Yes – a license is required when owning a transmitter, but […]

Live air traffic radar on iPad and iPhone

Many of you are enjoying using the live radar on the site, so I wanted to introduce you to the fantastic portable version.

Planefinder for iPhone and iPad is a gorgeous app allowing you to pan around the world, using your fingers, and then see the live positions of commercial aircraft in that area.

It […]

Gatwick to welcome Airbus A380

After spending over £40 million on the arrangements, Gatwick airport has been given clearance to accept flights by the Airbus A380.

The huge aircraft was descibed as ‘the future of aviation’, and is expected to help the airport bring in nearly 8million more passengers per year by 2018.

Flight training show at Heathrow Terminal 5

If like myself you are into aviation, then you no doubt really, really want to fly a plane, or pay a painful hourly rate to do so.

The most frustrating thing is, there are hundred of very lucky people out there who get paid to fly! How they could ever wake up unhappy I have […]

Heathrow Airport Radio Frequency List

If you’re lucky enough to have a scanner and visit London Heathrow to do a bit of plane spotting then you’ll have the joy of listening in to all the comms by using these frequencies. Although ensure you obey the law.

While you listen in, you can also see traffic with these tracking tools.

It […]

100 most recent arrivals to Heathrow

Apologies for the slow loading of this page – this page shows live data, of the 100 most recent aircraft to approach London Heathrow. Images of arrivals during the day on Runway 27L or 27R are available here.

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Aircraft Tracking tools

Thanks to modern transponders, and the wonders of the internet, there are now a load of great tools for tracking flights. I’ve already mentioned the live heathrow radar and the clever heathrow arrivals photos available at HeathrowCam – but I thought I would summarise those and the other great tools available.

Track planes on iPad […]

Live radar and pics of Heathrow Arrivals

BA Boeing 777 landing at Heathrow, captured by

I’ve just come across a wonderful site called ‘Heathrow Cam‘

The site uses a ADS-B receiver and a fixed, motion sensitive camera to capture an image and details of incoming flights. (ADS-B is not ‘radar’ but it’s a transponder radio which received information broadcast by […]

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